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Mage Spells: Level 1
Burning Hands causes 1 hitpoint of fire damage per level of the caster. There is no saving throw.

Charm Person changes the target's allegiance in combat. It only affects character types (human, etc).

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure is magical when viewing a character's items or taking treasure items. Equipment or treasure preceded by '*' or '+' is magical.

Enlarge makes the target larger and stronger. The higher the caster's level, the larger and stronger the target gets. If the caster is 6th level the target becomes as strong as an Ogre. If the caster is 10th level the target becomes as strong as a Fire Giant. A target can only be under the effect of one enlarge spell at a time. Unwilling targets get a saving throw against this effect. The spell will stay in effect for more than one combat, and should be cast before combat.

Friends raises the caster's charisma 2-8 points. It is often cast just before an encounter.

Magic Missile does 2-5 hitpoints per missile with no saving throw. A mage throws 1 missile for every 2 levels (1 at levels 1-2, 2 at levels 3-4, etc). This spell will damage any target within its range unless the target is magic resistant or has certain magical protection. Casts instantaneously.

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target by 2 against evil attackers.

Read Magic allows a mage to ready a scroll and read it. For scrolls, this works as if they have been identified. A mage may scribe the spells from a scroll (if appropriate for his class and level) after it has been read.

Shield negates enemy Magic Missile spells, improves the mage's saving throw, and may increase his AC.

Shocking Grasp does electrical damage of 1-8 hitpoints, +1 hitpoint per level of the caster.

Sleep puts 1-16 targets to sleep with no saving throw. Up to sixteen 1 hit-die targets are affected. One 4 hit-die target is affected. Targets of 5 or more hit-dice are unaffected.