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Cleric Spells: Level 2
Find Traps indicates the presence of traps in the character's path.

Hold Person may paralyze targets of character type (human, etc). You may aim a Hold Person spell at up to 3 targets.

Resist Fire halves the damage and improves saving throws vs. fire attacks by 3.

Silence 15' Radius must be cast on a character or a monster. That character or monster, and all adjacent to him, cannot cast spells for the duration of the spell.

Slow Poison revives a poisoned person for the duration of the spell.

Snake Charm paralyzes as many hitpoints of snakes as the cleric has hitpoints.

Spritiual Hammer creates a temporary magic hammer that is automatically Readied. It can strike at range and does normal hammer damage. Spiritual Hammers can hit monsters that may only be struck by magic weapons.