Bestiary: Xaurip
Name: Xaurip (Level 1 Wilder)

Endurance: 36
Accuracy: 30
Damage: 9-14 Pierce
DR: 4 (Freeze 2)

  • Might 5
  • Constitution 10
  • Dexterity 16
  • Perception 15
  • Intellect 8
  • Resolve 8
  • Deflection 24
  • Reflex 42
  • Fortitude 11
  • Will 13
Xaurips are reptilian humanoids about the size of orlans. They adorn themselves with the bones of fallen enemies -- mostly xaurips from rival tribes. They also have an affinity for large feathers, which they hang and pin to their attire. Xaurip skin tones can vary from light green to a rustic brown. Their elongated snouts (which make speech impossible) and overly-aggressive behavior have hindered them from communicating with the more civilized races of the world. They live in secluded, tribal territories and are known for ruthlessly attacking anyone foolish enough to cross their path.

Xaurips revere dragons as deities and build their communities around the lairs of these powerful creatures. It is not uncommon for a small tribe to wander nomadically until it has found a drake or dragon to worship. Once a tribe dedicates itself to a dragon, they will defend it at all costs. Elaborate rituals, in which the dragon consumes xaurip sacrifices, are a normal practice. As a dragon grows in age and size, these sacrifices become large religious events that cost the lives of hundreds of xaurips. The power and prestige of a xaurip tribe directly correlates with the age of its dragon. The most powerful tribes have existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Warriors and shamans of these large tribes typically paint their bodies to resemble their draconic gods.