Bestiary: Skuldr Whelp
Name: Skuldr Whelp (Level 1 Wilder)

Endurance: 44
Accuracy: 32
Damage: 13-19 Slash
DR: 0

  • Might 13
  • Constitution 11
  • Dexterity 14
  • Perception 17
  • Intellect 6
  • Resolve 10
  • Deflection 25
  • Reflex 42
  • Fortitude 28
  • Will 12
  • Stunning Scream
Skuldrs are large, mammalian creatures that dwell in caves in total or near-total darkness. As a result, they have poor vision and rely on their sense of hearing to navigate and find prey. The protrusions and hairs on their ears allow them to detect airflow, which is key to telling direction in an underground environment. They communicate through screeches and clicks, and use these vocalizations in a form of echolocation. They are communal creatures, and will nest and raise young together.