Bestiary: Ogre Druid
Name: Ogre Druid (Level 8 Wilder)

Endurance: 392
Accuracy: 74
Damage: 38-57 Crush/Pierce
DR: 10 (Freeze 20, Corrode 5)

  • Might 19
  • Constitution 18
  • Dexterity 11
  • Perception 13
  • Intellect 13
  • Resolve 14
  • Deflection 55
  • Reflex 49
  • Fortitude 75
  • Will 55
  • Sunbeam
  • Tanglefoot
  • Woodskin
  • Stag's Horn
  • Talons' Reach
  • Blizzard
  • Plague of Insects
  • Moonwell
  • Calling the World's Maw
Ogres are large, thick-skinned creatures, standing between 10-12 feet tall. They are heavily muscled and typically attired in the furs, or skins, of their prey. Clubs, axes and maces of bone or wood are their preferred weapons.

Ogres are as intelligent (often more so) than "civilized" races, but their overwhelming hostility towards even their own species keeps their numbers low. Despite their natural intelligence, their volatile temperaments have historically prevented them from concentrating long enough to create anything of significant cultural value. Most live semi-nomadic, secluded lives in the wilderness, where they are less likely to encounter others. The only time they reliably come together is during the mating season, which often does almost as much to reduce their numbers as it does to replenish them. Ogres with a more "peaceful" streak take particular pains to avoid contact.

On the rare occasions that ogres are found working together, they are almost always operating under the direction of an ogre matron. Ogre matrons are even larger than male ogres, but tend to be less aggressive toward their own kind. Where ogres have banded together, they have often represented an insurmountable threat to other kith.