Information Gathering
Quest Information
Starting Location: Anvil or Cheydinhal Fighters Guild
Starting NPC: Azzan or Burz gro-Khash
Possible Reward(s): Lesser Amulet of Interrogation, Amulet of Interrogation, or Greater Amulet of Interrogation

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Once you've finished Azzan's The Stone of St. Alessia contract and Burz gro-Khash's The Noble's Daughter and Mystery at Harlun's Watch contracts, you'll be told that Modryn Oreyn wishes to speak with you. Modryn has actually been kicked out of the Fighters Guild for his part in Viranus' death during the Trolls of Forsaken Mine quest, so you'll have to pay a visit to his home in the southwest corner of Chorrol in order to track him down. When you finally speak with him, he'll tell you that he needs your help to bring the Blackwood Company down. Your first task is to capture Ajum-Kajin, an Argonian mage and Blackwood Company leader that's currently holed up in Glademist Cave. Apparently Ajum is responsible for the company's plans for expansion, so Modryn wants to spend some quality time "talking" to him (or better described as "interrogation by brutal torture").

Glademist Cave is located just off to the south side of The Orange Road, which weaves its way between Chorrol and The Silver Road leading into Bruma. The outskirts of the cave luckily aren't patrolled, but you'll have to fight your way through several Blackwood Company guards once inside. Three archers and a warrior patrol the first room and tunnel beyond, with another set of three warriors waiting for you when you reach the room with a large trench and makeshift stone bridge. Continue moving toward the northeast, looting all containers (including a well-stocked cupboard) along the way. Ajum-Kajin stands alone in the cave's final room and will surrender to you without a fight once all seven of his guards are dead. After the Argonian mage surrenders, he'll obediently follow you all the way back to Modryn's home in Chorrol.

It seems that Modryn doesn't have the stomach for torture, as he instead wants you to conduct the interrogation for him. He asks that you either smooth talk or "rough up" the Argonian in order to find out the size of the Blackwood Company's forces and who their highest ranking leader is. Modryn just warns that you shouldn't kill him until you have the necessary information.

Personally, I feel that Ajum-Kajin deserves some good old-fashioned pain, so pounding on him with a low damage weapon (or even your bare hands) is my preferred method to get him to talk. If you don't get as much satisfaction out of torturing a computer-generated model as I do, you can always work on the Argonian's Disposition rating until he starts flapping (90 is your goal). Either way will eventually get you a handful of dialogue choices about the Blackwood Company's size, leader, and "secret of their strength." The Argonian will tell you the answer to the first two questions (over 100 strong, lead by Ri'Zikar), but inquiring about the secret after learning about the company's size and leader forces Ajum to take his own life.

Modryn is pleased with the information you were able to get out of Ajum before his self-inflicted death and awards you with a Lesser Amulet of Interrogation, Amulet of Interrogation, or Greater Amulet of Interrogation, depending on your level. Your work isn't done yet, though. Oreyn asks that you travel to Leyawiin and join the Blackwood Company's ranks in order to find their "secret to success." This will bring us to the Infiltration quest.