The Stone of St. Alessia
Quest Information
Starting Location: Anvil Fighters Guild
Starting NPC: Azzan
Possible Reward(s): Three Strong Potions of Healing and 100 Gold

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After delivering the sad news to Modryn at the completion of the Trolls of Forsaken Mine quest, you'll be asked to "lie low for awhile", though you're still able to find work with either Azzan or Burz gro-Khash. Azzan happens to have "one more thing on his plate" for you. The Stone of St. Alessia has been stolen from the Great Chapel of Talos in Bruma and the Fighters Guild has been contracted to investigate who might have stolen it. You're told to travel to Bruma and speak with a priest named Cirroc in order to get further details.

Fast-travel to Bruma's eastern gate and head inside the Great Chapel of Talos directly in front of you. Cirroc paces about inside the main chapel area for much of the day, so if you have any trouble finding him just wait an hour or two for him to return. When you strike up a conversation with him, Cirroc explains that the stolen stone was blessed by Alessia herself and that no harm can come to the church while the stone is in their possession. Some men were seen leaving the chapel the night the relic was stolen and Cirroc believes the thievery was performed by a group of bandits. These same bandits were spotted heading east along the road and Cirroc wants you to track them down and recover the stone.

Finding the bandits is simple enough. Leave the chapel and exit Bruma through the east gate, then follow the road for a couple of minutes until you reach a small campsite with a Khajiit named K'Sharr standing guard. When you speak with him, he'll admit that stealing the stone was more trouble than it was worth. Apparently the bandits were ambushed by some ogres and K'Sharr was the only one who survived the attack. The ogres took the stone with them to Sedor, an old Ayleid ruin to the southeast of where you stand now. K'Sharr will mark it on your map and then send you on your way.

Travel across County Bruma until you reach the door leading down into the Ayleid ruin's depths. There are at least a half dozen ogres inhabiting the ruin, so be careful as you make your way inside and begin searching for the stone. The northernmost hallway is where you'll actually find the stone, but first you'll have to step on a pressure plate (also in the northern section) to lower a gate on the second floor just above the pressure plate. Once the gate's open, head upstairs and push the stone on the wall beyond the lowered gate, which will trigger the lowering of another gate directly below you on the first floor. It's behind this second gate that you'll find the Stone of St. Alessia lying on the top of a pedestal.

Cirroc can't thank you enough when you return the stone to the chapel. As a reward, he presents you with three Strong Potions of Healing. You're also given the standard 100 Gold payment when you return to Azzan. If you've already finished both of Burz's final contracts (The Noble's Daughter and Mystery at Harlun's Watch), then Azzan will promote you to Champion of the Fighters Guild. If you inquire about another contract after your promotion, Azzan will mention that there is a rumor floating around that Modryn Oreyn wants to speak with you. This will trigger the Information Gathering quest.