The Noble's Daughter
Quest Information
Starting Location: Cheydinhal Fighters Guild
Starting NPC: Burz gro-Khash
Possible Reward(s): Rugdumph's Sword, 100 Gold

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After delivering the sad news to Modryn at the completion of the Trolls of Forsaken Mine quest, you'll be asked to "lie low for awhile", though you're still able to find work with either Azzan or Burz gro-Khash. A visit to Burz in Cheydinhal will earn you this particular contract, which involves finding the daughter of Orcish noble Lord Rugdumph. Burz asks that you visit his estate and speak to him personally about her disappearance. He also warns (more than once) not to be rude to the man or his family.

Lord Rugdumph's Estate can be found to the north of Cheydinhal, just to the northeast of Lake Arrius. Upon your arrival, head inside and track down the noble (he normally paces the second floor). The first words out of Rugdumph gro-Shurgak's mouth will reveal that the orc is desperately trying to sound knowledgeable, but unfortunately his grammatical skills just aren't up to par. Ask him about Lady Rogbut to learn that the noble fears the young Orcish woman was "abjected" by some ogres that dwell to the east of the estate. Rugdumph wants you to "exterminize" them and save his daughter from the "horror and evil" the creatures are no doubt displaying on her.

Your map of Cyrodiil will show your next destination as being almost directly to the east of the estate, between Kingscrest Cavern and Walker Camp (if you've previously discovered them). When you approach the area, Lady Rogbut gra-Shurgak will just be escaping the clutches of three ogres. Teach the brutes a lesson, then speak to the noble's daughter to learn that she would have taken care of the ogres herself if it wasn't considered unladylike. Speak with her a bit more if you'd like, then escort her back to the estate.

Lord Rugdumph is happy to see that you've rescued his "belabored" daughter. So happy, in fact, that he rewards you with Rugdumph's Sword, a weapon that the noble claims has been passed down through his family for many "generators." You're also given 100 Gold when you return to Burz, as well as the option to participate in another quest called Mystery at Harlun's Watch.