Mystery at Harlun's Watch
Quest Information
Starting Location: Cheydinhal Fighters Guild
Starting NPC: Burz gro-Khash
Possible Reward(s): Mind and Body Ring, 100 Gold

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When you've completed the The Noble's Daughter quest for Burz gro-Khash, the orc will also mention that he wants you to investigate some disappearances at a small settlement called Harlun's Watch. You're to begin your investigation by speaking to Drarana Thelis, a Dark Elf woman who currently lives within the settlement.

Harlun's Watch can be found just to the south of Cheydinhal. You'll probably want to exit out of the city's west gate and then follow the road south past the Black Waterside Stables until you reach the village. Once you arrive, make your way into Drarana Thelis' home and speak to her about the disappearances to learn that some of the townsfolk had recently reported seeing strange flickering lights at the nearby Swampy Cave. The settlement sent a group of villagers to investigate, but they haven't been seen since. Drarana wants you to help track down the missing townspeople and determine where the lights are coming from.

Swampy Cave is located to the southeast of Harlun's Watch, on the eastern shore of The Roed River. When you approach the cave, you'll begin to see the flickering lights and will be presented with a journal entry that identifies them as will-o-the-wisps. There aren't any signs of the missing villagers, though, so you're going to want to investigate the cave to see if you can discover their fate.

The cave is comprised of two levels, both of which are heavily infested with trolls. Some rooms are inhabited by two or more trolls at a time, so move with caution through the tunnel network. On the south end of the the first level, you'll discover the corpses of the missing townsfolk and a journal entry will speculate that trolls were able to feed on them after they were weakened by the will-o-the-wisps. The journal entry also instructs you to clear out all the remaining trolls from the cave complex, so you'll need to make a sweeping pass through the rest of the first level and head into the second level (Swampy Cave Dry Rock Run) via a wooden door in the northwest corner. Once all of the trolls have been killed, you'll receive another journal entry instructing you to report what you've found to Drarana Thelis back in Harlun's Watch.

Drarana unconvincingly tries to portray her grief over the grim news that trolls have eaten her neighbors, though she does seem genuinely happy to hear that you killed all of the trolls. For finding the missing townsfolk, she rewards you with a Mind and Body Ring. At this point, it's time to return to Burz and let him know that the contract has been fulfilled.

Burz is happy to pay you the standard 100 Gold reward for completing the mission, especially considering both trolls and will-o-the-wisps were involved. He tells you that he doesn't have anymore contracts for you (this is the last one you'll ever receive from gro-Khash), but, if you haven't yet completed the The Stone of St. Alessia quest, he'll send you off to Azzan to take care of that particular contract. If you've already completed the The Stone of St. Alessia quest for Azzan, then Burz will instead offer you a promotion to the rank of Champion of the Fighters Guild and mention that Modryn Oreyn wants to speak with you. This will trigger the Information Gathering quest.