Quest Information
Starting Location: Chorrol
Starting NPC: Modryn Oreyn
Possible Reward(s): None

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After uncovering the Blackwood Company's size and leader during the Information Gathering quest, Modryn's next task is for you to inflitrate their ranks and determine their "secret to success." Oreyn tells you that you're on your own for this mission and suggests that you stay away from him and any other Fighters Guild members until the mission is complete.

Fast-travel to Leyawiin's west gate and enter the Blackwood Company Hall directly to the south of the Fighters Guild. The member you need to speak with is Jeetum-Ze, an Argonian warrior who typically paces the hall's second floor. When you inquire about joining the Blackwood Company to him, Jeetum recognizes you as a member of the Fighters Guild and wants to know why you've come to them for work. Telling him that the Fighters Guild has no jobs available gets you past the short interrogation, and Jeetum lets you join their ranks... for now. Apparently there's already a mission available that Jeetum thinks you'd be interested in, so he leads you down to the lower floor and into the Blackwood Company Training Area.

When you reach the main training room, Jeetum tells you and three other recruits that the settlement of Water's Edge has contracted them to take care of some goblins. All four of you are being sent to get the job done, though Jeetum is a bit worried because "sometimes new recruits have complications." In order to help you succeed, he hands you a bottle of Hist Sap, a brew that Jeetum claims will increase your skills during battle. If you inquire about the sap and how the Blackwood Company is able to acquire it, Jeetum will tell you that it is a present from "one beautiful Hist who gives her gifts to all the company." He then mentions something about clever mages making such gifts possible and the involvement of magic and iron, which more-or-less confirms that the Blackwood Company has figured out a way to bring a Hist tree from Argonia and keep it alive here in Cyrodiil. Before you can learn anything more, Jeetum sends you off to take care of your first Blackwood Company mission.

You won't actually have to travel to Water's Edge. Your three comrades for the mission want you to drink your Hist Sap, and once you do, you'll instantly be teleported to the settlement. There are a total of eleven goblins that are assaulting Water's Edge - seven on the main road and four others inside the settlement's three separate homes. All of the goblins are unarmed and don't put up much of a fight, which makes the whole battle seem a bit... peculiar. Once all of them have been defeated, the screen will go black and you'll awake in Modryn Oreyn's home.

Modryn tells you that you were found unconscious on the streets of Leyawiin by some of your guild brothers, who then brought you here. When you tell Modryn that the Blackwood Company has brought a Hist tree into Cyrodiil and are using its sap during missions, he proclaims the information as both "amazing" and "insane." He figures that most of the Blackwood Company's men already have a tolerance for the concoction, which is probably why it had such a massive effect on you. Your mission for the Blackwood Company concerns him, though, so he wants you to return to Water's Edge to make sure all of the settlement's residents are alright.

When you arrive in Water's Edge, you'll discover the horror of your previous "mission." All of the slain goblins now appear in their true form - the settlement's citizens and livestock. The only one left is Marcel Amelion, who you'll find grieving near the body of his daughter, Biene Amelion (the woman you helped during the Amelion's Debt quest). When you speak to him, he expresses both sadness and confusion over why bandits would attack Water's Edge when there was nothing here for them to take. Fortunately, he has no idea that you took part in the slaughter while under the effects of the Blackwood Company's Hist Sap. Since there's nothing you can do for him, your only choice is to return to Oreyn and try to sort the whole mess out.

Modryn is appaled at what happened to the settlement's citizens, but does offer you some sympathy for how you must be feeling after seeing the effects of your Hist Sap-induced behavior. Now that the Blackwood Company's true threat has been exposed, Modryn decides that decisive action must be taken against them immediately. This will trigger the The Hist quest.