Amelion's Debt
Quest Information
Starting Location: Cheydinhal Fighters Guild
Starting NPC: Burz gro-Khash
Possible Reward(s): 500 Gold

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After finishing the Drunk and Disorderly quest, you'll have the option to return to Burz gro-Khash for another contract. He'll tell you that a woman named Beiene Amelion needs something retrieved from her ancestral tomb and that you should seek her out at the Water's Edge settlement. Water's Edge is located far to the south near Leyawiin, so it's a bit of a jaunt to get there (fast-travel is a remarkable thing).

Beiene's home is on the north side of the settlement. Head inside and speak with her to learn that she needs your help to repay a debt. Apparently her father had an addiction to gambling and built up a rather large debt. To make matters worse, he was dragged from the Amelion home during the night and now the debt has fallen on Beiene in his absence. In order to pay off the debt, she wants you to retrieve her grandfather's sword and armor from the family's ancestral tomb so that she can sell them. If you inquire about the debt, you'll learn that she owes about 1000 septims, and you'll be given the option to pay off the debt for her. If you choose this route, you don't even have to go to the tomb. You can simply give her the money and return to Burz gro-Khash with the quest complete.

However, if you'd rather not hand over the money or would like to get some additional adventure out of this quest, then a visit to the tomb is a requirement. Amelion Tomb is along the east bank of The Lower Niben river, not far to the southeast of the settlement. As expected, its cavernous depths are overrun by a variety of undead, so be cautious as you head inside. You won't get very far into the tomb when you're treated to a cave-in and, subsequently, a dead-end. If you wander down one of the tunnels that are still accessible, though, you'll find a rope that can be pulled to reveal a secret passage leading deeper into the tomb. Loot the coffins in the next couple of rooms, then move through the door beyond into the Sarcophagus Chamber.

Slay the undead that greet you on the next level, then move down the far hallway to reach a room filled with sarcophagi and a slab where both Brusef Amelion's Cuirass and Brusef Amelion's Sword lie. Grab both heirlooms, then loot the remaining containers (you can actually find Brusef Amelion's Boots, Brusef Amelion's Gauntlets, Brusef Amelion's Greaves, Brusef Amelion's Helmet, and Brusef Amelion's Shield elsewhere in the tomb) and return to Beiene's home in Water's Edge.

When you speak to Beiene, she's very happy to hear that you found both artifacts. However, in the event that you decided to keep the items instead of handing them over, you're once again given the option to pay her debt off. If you choose this route, the sword and armor are yours to keep. If you don't need the equipment, then just hand them over and return to Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal.

Burz is pleased with your performance and awards you with 500 Gold for your troubles. If you haven't completed the Den of Thieves quest yet, then your next task is to report to Azzan. If you have completed it, then Burz promotes you to the rank of Protector of the Fighters Guild and and sends you to Chorrol to take care of the The Master's Son quest for Modryn Oreyn.