Den of Thieves
Quest Information
Starting Location: Anvil Fighters Guild
Starting NPC: Azzan
Possible Reward(s): 500 Gold

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After finishing the Drunk and Disorderly quest, you'll have the option to return to Azzan for another contract. There have been a number of thefts around Anvil and many of the townspeople believe that they are still holed up somewhere nearby. Azzan wants you to investigate and see what you can learn about the thieves' whereabouts. However, since he doesn't know how many thieves you'll be dealing with, he sets you up with a companaion - Maglir. It seems that even if you called him out for defaulting on the Unfinished Business quest, the Fighters Guild has chosen to keep him around.

Once you've teamed up with Maglir, ask any of the Fighters Guild members (Vigdis, Sten the Ugly, Huurwen, etc.) about the thieves to learn that Newheim the Portly had some things stolen and would probably be a good NPC to speak with in order to get the investigation rolling. Newheim wanders Anvil through most of the day, so use your compass to find his exact whereabouts. When you ask him about the thieves, he claims that they stole a family heirloom from him, which in turn triggers the Newheim's Flagon quest. Since both of these quests require you to visit Hrota Cave not far from Anvil, that's where you're headed next.

Hrota Cave can be found just off the main path to the north of Anvil. Make your way inside and search around until you find a rock wall that can be lowered to expose the thieves' den. There are several thieves for you to do battle with as you push through the hallways, but you probably won't have a whole lot of trouble with them as they can mostly be taken out one at a time. When you reach the large cavernous room, hop down into the large pit and grab Newheim's Heirloom from the table. Wipe out any other thieves still inhabiting the den (you'll receive a journal update when they're all dispatched of), then return to Anvil.

When you return to Azzan, he's impressed by the work you and Maglir did. He claims to see "big things" for you in the guild, after which he rewards you with 500 Gold for your efforts. At this point, if you haven't completed the Amelion's Debt quest for Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal yet, that's your next step. If you have completed it, then you're promoted to Protector of the Fighters Guild and sent to Chorrol to take care of the The Master's Son quest for Modryn Oreyn. You'll want to pay a visit to Newheim and return his flagon before you leave Anvil, though, just to tie up loose ends.