Newheim's Flagon
Quest Information
Starting Location: Anvil
Starting NPC: Newheim the Portly
Possible Reward(s): Newheim's Special Brew (3)

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During the Den of Thieves quest, you'll be told by a member of the Fighters Guild that Newheim the Portly was a victim during the recent robberies in Anvil. When you speak with him, Newheim tells you that the "rotten bastards" stole a family heirloom (a flagon that Newheim claims keeps ale "cold and sweet") from him and are now holed up in Hrota Cave not far from Anvil. You need to visit the cave for the original Fighters Guild quest anyway, so that's your next destination.

When you reach the large cavernous room within the cave, hop down into the lower section and grab Newheim's Flagon from atop the table there. Feel free to finish off any thieves for the original Fighters Guild quest, then return to Newheim the Portly in Anvil.

When you show him his flagon, Newheim tells you that his mead will now stay cold again and won't taste like "goblin piss." As a reward, he presents you with three Newheim's Special Brew concoctions, which reduces your intelligence and willpower but restores your fatigue and fortifies your strength and personality.