Unfinished Business
Quest Information
Starting Location: Anvil or Cheydinhal Fighters Guilds
Starting NPC: Azzan or Burz gro-Khash
Possible Reward(s): 500 Gold

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Once you've completed the first three Fighters Guild quests, either Azzan or Burz gro-Khash will promote you to Journeyman and then refer you to Vilena Donton in Chorrol for further work. Vilena begins by telling you that the Fighters Guild is a brotherhood and family and that fighting, drunkenness, or other forms of mischief are not tolerated. She then tells you to speak with Modryn Oreyn so that you can be assigned one of the guild duties currently pending.

Modryn can be located right here in the Chorrol Fighters Guild. When you speak with him, the snub Dark Elf sends you off to contact a guild member named Maglir. Apparently Maglir has defaulted on a contract in Skingrad and it's making the whole guild look bad. You're to seek him out and find out what's wrong with him.

Fast-travel to Skingrad's western gate and pay a visit to the West Weald Inn off to your left. Speak with Maglir to learn that he defaulted on the contract because he didn't feel that he was being paid enough for the job. He tells you that he was supposed to find Brenus Astis' Journal in Fallen Rock Cave, but hecause he has a family to think about, he didn't think it was worth risking his neck over. He then offers to let you take over the contract, if you want it.

Reporting back to Modryn now is pointless. He'll just tell you to take care of the contract anyway. So, rather than waste your time, you might as well head off to Fallen Rock Cave now. Luckily, the cave isn't very far away. Its entrance is located on a grassy hill to the northwest of Skingrad. Make the quick jaunt on foot or horseback, then head inside once you arrive.

Navigating the cave is pretty straightforward, though you will have to cut your way through several undead on your way to the journal. When you reach a water-filled hallway, you're on the right track. Just keep following it until you reach a room with a zombie floating in the water. Brenus Astis' Journal lies in a small recessed section of the wall near an unlocked chest. Loot the chest, then grab the journal and backtrack your way out of the cave.

When you return to Modryn, he wants to know what happened in Skingrad. You can either lie for Maglir and tell him that he didn't default or you can tell the truth and take credit for completing the task yourself. Either way gets you the reward of 500 Gold, but you'll miss out on some fame if you help clear Maglir's name. Hit Modryn up for another contract and he'll send you to Leyawiin to take care of three rowdy Fighters Guild members in the Drunk and Disorderly quest.