Drunk and Disorderly
Quest Information
Starting Location: Chorrol Fighters Guild
Starting NPC: Modryn Oreyn
Possible Reward(s): 500 Gold

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At the conclusion of the Unfinished Business quest, Modryn tells you that "some of our boys" are causing trouble at a tavern in Leyawiin. Their rowdiness is making the guild look bad and Oreyn wants you to find out what's going on. The men in question are Rellian, Vantus Prelius, and Dubok gro-Shagk, all of whom can be found at the Five Claws Lodge near Leyawiin's west gate. Fast-travel over and head inside to see what the fuss is all about.

The three men are standing around an overturned table when you arrive, and they're all drinking heavily. Speak with Vantus Prelius to learn that the three men are having trouble finding work because of a band of mercenaries that call themselves the Blackwood Company. Apparently these mercenaries were originally sent by the Emperor to reclaim territory in Black Marsh, but have since set up shop and are undercutting everyone else on contracts. The result is that these three belligerent men have no work, and therefore no money. Vantus assures you that if you can find them some paying work, though, they'll go about it and stop causing such a commotion here in Leyawiin.

You don't have to go far for a reference for possible work. The Five Claws Lodge proprietor, Witseidutsei, will tell you that a local woman named Margarte might have something available. You're told that if she isn't at home, you might find her out looking for alchemical ingredients. If you've set this quest as active, your compass will point the way to Margarte (who's most likely in her home to the southeast of the Five Claws Lodge).

Once you've found her, Margarte will tell you that she does need help in tracking down some Ogre's Teeth and Minotaur Horns for an experiment she's working on. However, before she'll hand the job over to the Fighters Guild, she wants some proof that you can be trusted. She asks that you bring her five Ectoplasm to prove the guild's loyalty. This particular ingredient can be found on ghosts and wraiths at the various ruins around Cyrodiil, though you may be able to pick some up at some of the reagent shops you've come across.

When you have the Ectoplasm, return to Margarte and hand them over. She's happy to see that the Fighters Guild can do a job when one is presented to them, and offers to make the institution her sole supplier for Ogre's Teeth and Minotaur Horns. Return to the Five Claws Lodge and tell the good news to Vantus, then begin the journey back to Chorrol.

Modryn is happy with the job you performed and hands over 500 Gold as a reward. He's also willing to promote you to the rank of Swordsman if you ask him about advancement. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any other work for you right now, but refers you to Azzan in Anvil or Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal to get "a little more seasoning." If you choose to report to Anvil, then you'll be participating in the Den of Thieves quest. If you choose to report to Cheydinhal, then you'll be participating in the Amelion's Debt quest.