The Hist
Quest Information
Starting Location: Chorrol
Starting NPC: Modryn Oreyn
Possible Reward(s): Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw, Guildmaster of the Fighters Guild

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After discovering the atrocities you unknowingly committed in Water's Edge during the Infiltration quest, Modryn decides that immediate action must be taken against the Blackwood Company. The Hist tree is an abomination of nature and the source of many problems, so Modryn wants you to destroy it. He figures that the Blackwood Company leader, Ri'Zakar, will have it locked away and heavily guarded, so you can expect plenty of opposition during the mission. Modryn also mentions that Ri'Zakar probably has a key that you'll need to gain access to the Hist tree.

To put an end to the Blackwood Company and the Hist tree, you're basically going to launch a full assault on the Blackwood Company Hall in Leyawiin. The door is locked during the night (and can't be picked), so you won't have the cover of darkness to work under on this mission. As soon as arrive in Leyawiin and enter the hall, a Khajiit named Ja'Fazir will approach you and call you out as a Fighters Guild spy. Combat is unavoidable at this point, and you'll find yourself up against Ja'Fazir and two other soldiers (Rana and Geel) here in the entrance area. When all three lie dead, search Ja'Fazir's corpse to find Jeetum Ze's Room Key and head upstairs.

You'll find Jeetum-Ze in either his personal chambers (which you can now gain access to with the key) or in the room at the end of the hall. He'll attack as soon as he's aware of your presence, so plan the battle accordingly. When you've given him more punishment than he can endure, you can pluck Ri'Zakar's Room Key from his bleeding carcass. This will get you into the leader's personal chamber on the hall's third floor.

Ri'Zakar wields a magical hammer and will relentlessly attack you with it. There isn't much room to move around in his chamber, but try to dodge as much as possible while inflicting whatever damage you can to the bloodthirsty Khajiit. He'll eventually drop and a journal entry will prompt you to grab his key for the hall's basement. Once the Blackwood Co. Basement Key is in your hands, return to the first floor and head through the door leading into the Blackwood Company Hall Basement.

When you arrive, a journal entry will explain what you have to do - destroy the alien machinery that keeps the Hist tree alive. Unfortunately, you still have two Argonian mages to go through (Hears-Voices-In-The-Air and Sings-Like-Thunder) in order to carry out the plan. Teach the casters a lesson for having such bizarre names, then grab the two loose pipes lying near one of the tables. With these in hand, simply use the two Sap Pumps to cause the needed destruction. Your job here is complete... or is it?

As soon as you enter the hall's main floor chamber, your old friend Maglir will approach and accuse you of "ruining everything" before arriving at the idiotic conclusion that he should exact revenge on you. Finally a chance to wipe out the annoying bastard in self defense! Put an end to his contract defecting ways (no, the game doesn't let you parade his crumpled body on the streets of Leyawiin - I tried), then return to Chorrol to report the news to Modryn.

Modryn is delighted to hear that the Hist tree has been destroyed, thus reducing the Blackwood Company to a simple band of mercenaries. He praises you for making Cyrodiil a safer place and even presents you with the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw as a reward. Apparently the helm belonged to one of his ancestors and Modryn wants you to wear it and help restore the glory of his family's name. Now that you've put a stop to the Blackwood Company, Modryn asks that you tell the Fighters Guild guildmaster, Vilena Donton, everything thas has transpired.

When you first arrive at the Chorrol Fighters Guild, Vilena isn't very happy to see you. In fact, she's under the assumption that you're here to tender your resignation for your part in her son's death during the Trolls of Forsaken Mine quest. Once she hears that you and Modryn have successfully put an end to the Blackwood Company's scheming ways, though, she changes her tune. She strips you of your rank of Champion for being "reckless, foolhardy, and dangerous", only to instead grant you her place as the Master of the Fighters Guild. Vilena feels that the guild has passed her by and that you best represent the guild's future.

Your first duty as the new master is to choose a second-in-command, which Vilena recommends be Modryn Oreyn for his wisdom in exposing the Blackwood Company. This really isn't a choice that you can make, though, as Modryn is the only option you're given. When you return and tell him the good news, he accepts the position and explains how the guild's intricacies work. Every month, you can tell Modryn what you'd like the guild to focus on - recruitment, contracts, or both equally. At the end of the month, a percentage of the guild's total revenue is placed in the Guildmaster's Chest on the top floor of the Chorrol Fighters Guild. To make sure you can gain access to your cut, Modryn hands over the Guildmaster's Key. If you ever decide that you'd like the guild to focus on something different for the month, just speak with Modryn and he'll set it up. If Modryn doesn't hear from you for any particular month, he tells you that he'll just carry over the previous month's orders.

Well done, guildmaster!