BioShock 2 Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack DLC Under Fire

When a new video game receives DLC shortly after its release, it's not unusual for fans to accuse the developer/publisher of simply removing the data prior to release in order to nickle and dime them later on. In the case of BioShock 2's Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack - which clocks in at a measly 24KB of downloadable content - there's really no disputing that it simply unlocked content that was already included with the original game. And the fans are not happy about it:
I hereby retract my prior rabid support for 2K and their DLC model. I was suckered into believing that this was actually going to contain some legitimate content that was not in existence prior to the release. I suppose my capitalist mindset has fooled me into thinking that companies would not actually charge for an empty box.

Shame on you 2K.
At the moment, there are twenty-four pages worth of comments like that one over on the official forums. My guess is that it's not going to stop there.