Divinity II: Ego Draconis Reviews

With Divinity II: Ego Draconis officially on store shelves here in the US, it comes as no surprise that several launch day reviews have surfaced on the web.

GamesRadar gives the PC version a 7/10...
It's possible to squeeze past the flaws, develop a character into a mage who carries an axe, do the quests and plough through the combat. And there are secret areas that reward you for being observant. But there are better RPGs around to play first. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition and Dragon Age: Origins should be in your collection before you pluck this from the shelf.

...and the Xbox 360 version a 6/10:
Divinity II has an abundance of clever ideas you can morph into a dragon, while your appearance (and gender) can be changed on a whim and if you can deal with the sloppy nature of the engine it eventually turns into a bountiful and rewarding action RPG. Once again, however, we're being asked to pay around 10 bucks more for a lesser version of a distinctly PC-focused game, and you've got to admit that rankles just a little bit?

WorthPlaying gives it a 6.8/10:
It was frustrating and fun at the same time since Divinity II's adventure had quite a few fresh ideas that were strong enough to keep me interested. RPG fans who don't mind puzzles and platforms mixed in with their dual-wielding, deep customization options and brutal enemies may find enough rewarding experiences here to be worth the struggle. Despite the dragon sequences feeling like an arcade shooter, the occasionally brutal difficulty that may wear out your quickload key, and the often meandering story, Divinity II: Ego Draconis is a decent adventure on the ground, if not in the air.

GameZone gives it an 8.4/10:
Strong narrative and open-ended design are the highlights of this fantasy experience. Divinity II: Ego Draconis will likely be overlooked by many due to the timing of its release, but it offers a genuinely engrossing world for RPG buffs to wallow in.

TestFreaks gives it an 8/10:
Divinity II Ego Draconis is a great game really, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it from start to finish. In fact I'm thinking about going back and playing it again just to do complete all of the side quests. If you're a fan of dragons and RPG games then you'll want to add this to your list of must-have games in 2010, and you won't have to wait long either, the release date is early January.

Square-Go gives it a 3/5:
Overall, Divinity II Ego Draconis seems to be a little confused over where it stands in the genre. Why have 90% of the skills linked to combat but put the effort into the characters? It also has some irksome features, like the fact that until the half-way point you can't drop anything without destroying or selling it. There's definately fun to be had, however, and people who like a good old hack'n'slash will enjoy it as much as people who like a good plot.

Icronitic Gaming doesn't do the scoring thing:
Though the title has little replay value and ends somewhat too soon, the 30-40 hours you do get out of Divinity II will be hours you'll remember, and make it a game you'll be comparing others to for years to come. Divinity II is a must have game.

And Xbox Live Addicts gives it a 7.5/10:
Overall, if it wasn't for the issues I had with the battle system, and the occasionally rough looking characters then this would have been a truly impressive game. Unfortunately the story does let it's self down towards the end also.