Dragon Age: Origins Reviews

Dragon Age: Origins is once again dominating a large chunk of our news, so we might as well go ahead and round up the latest wave of reviews.

Game Observer gives it a 91/100:
But ultimately, Dragon Age is worth getting for several reasons. It's a big game that you'll (mostly) enjoy from your bloodstained beginnings to the ending that you'll choose based on your whims and not the whims of a good or bad meter. It took me 30 hours to finish on the first playthrough, missing several sidequests, and I'm already toying with the possible crimes against humanity I'll commit on my next game save. It's an evolutionary RPG that intelligently matures the genre without mucking it up through convoluted gimmicks like too many other contemporary releases. And finally, Dragon Age is the game that convinces me that Bioware is amassing a real legacy of RPGs. Where I used to dread the monotony of seeing sequel after sequel, I now find myself intrigued by what awaits me in Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2. A rare feat.

The Gamers' Temple gives it a 74%:
I'll end this review as I began it, by emphasizing that this is a game that's all about story and personality. Few games come close to creating such a complete world as Dragon Age does, or in filling that world with so many interesting characters. Even when you're simply walking from one place to another, your party members will converse and interact with each other, discuss the important issues facing Ferelden, and even argue with each other, just as real people would. It's all simply fascinating, but it has to be your cup of tea, and one of your favorite flavors at that. If not the game will seem like a chore and the AI issues will have you looking at trade-in possibilities as you leave Ferelden to the Dark Spawn.

My360 gives it a 7.8/10:
Dragon Age: Origins is yet another great RPG from BioWare and best played on PC. While the console versions suffer from some port issues, it's far from a deal breaker if you're looking for a decent RPG, but they do hold the game back from being in the same league as the PC version. Nevertheless, the story is still great, gameplay is fun and the RPG elements are fantastic no matter which version you play.

RPGFan gives it a 93%:
While Valkyria Chronicles is still the gold standard for PS3 RPGs, Dragon Age: Origins is the most captivating universe I have ever experienced. From the developed characters to the history behind each race, artifact, and village, the writers to the game need to be commended for their thoughtfulness and the depth of their creativity. Even though I may have appreciated the game in my first playthough, it was not until I saw the world through another's eyes that I fully understood what I was experiencing. Quite simply, Dragon Age: Origins is the first true 100 hour console RPG I have ever seen. When it ends, you'll shed a tear. And if you don't, you may not be human.

Games Thirst gives it an 8/10:
So aside from the 50-some hours of content available on the disc already, BioWare also plans to add DLC for the game for around 2 years so there is plenty to look forward to as well. If you enjoyed Mass Effect or Elder Scrolls or you just want an RPG that is dark, edgy and mature then Dragon Age: Origins is the game for you. It has a combat system that takes some getting used to but overall it's a great package and the amount of content you get for the price is well worth it.

And Tech2 gives it a 4.5/5:
With so much to offer at a price of Rs. 999 (for PC), its hard for an RPG fan not to fall in love with Dragon Age: Origins. It's a solid game on all fronts - story, gameplay and presentation - so if you have even the slightest affinity towards RPGs, do yourself a favor and pick this one up!