Gas Powered Games Interview

A short interview with Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor is up at, and while there isn't any discussion about the Dungeon Siege franchise, Chris does reveal that Demigod will soon be getting two free downloadable demigods despite the tough economy.
RP: I'm sure you've noticed, but the economy has been wretched for the last couple of years. How has the economic downturn impacted Gas Powered Games? What are some of the adjustments and hard decisions you've had to make?

CT: We've really had to focus the company. We did a lot of things that were pretty standard; cut costs, tightened our belt, cut our team sizes back. It's been painful, but it's also been good to go through. You know the saying, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. and now we are stronger for having gone through it.


RP: How do you feel about paid downloadable content that's released on the same day a game comes out? A lot of gamers feel that this stuff should be included with the game or available as free DLC.

CT: That's a tough call. I haven't personally confronted that as a gamer, so I can't draw on my own emotional reaction to it. which is how I like to make decisions. Incidentally, Stardock is going to be releasing two new Demigods very soon, and they will be free, as promised. It is worth noting though, giving stuff away for free is fun to do, but it's tough to run a business like that. :)