Torchlight Reviews

A few more reviews of Runic Games' Torchlight surfaced over this past weekend, and they're all pretty favorable.

1UP goes with an "A":
What makes Torchlight great, though, isn't the challenge; it's the satisfaction that comes from uncovering a new piece of epic loot, unloading an explosive shot into an oncoming mob, or seeing your fame jump from "Remarkable" to "Local Legend." Even without multiplayer, Torchlight makes for a remarkably entertaining 10 to 15 hours, with plenty more custom content to come thanks to the powerful game editor TorchED, which you can download free of charge. Even if you aren't waiting impatiently for Diablo III, you should strongly consider picking up Torchlight. At a mere $20, it's one of the best values of the year.

Game Debate hits it with a 9/10:
None of these flaws stop me loving Torchlight to death though. It's brilliantly made, great fun and a game you can play for 30 minutes or 3 hours. And at around £15 it's a stonking bargain too.

And then comes in with a 90%:
Torchlight offers a unique and very smart refinement to the Diablo formula, your character has a pet sidekick (dog or cat) functioning both as a mule that can be sent back in to town while in a dungeon, and a fully automated sidekick in battle that can be taught any spell in your inventory to fight along side you. The game is very accessible allowing you to save anywhere in a dungeon allowing for quick 20minute sessions, however I found the normal difficulty to be a breeze after a few levels, and would recommend anyone choose a higher difficulty ( if you're insane there is also a hardcore mode in which death is permanent).