The History of BioWare

Dutch website GameCloud has published an interesting article that briefly covers the history of BioWare and the games they've developed over the years. Several pictures complement the article, though English speakers will have to make use of this Google translation to make sense of the text:
Meanwhile, hard working on a new game: Battle Ground: Infinity, inspired by the love of table-top RPG's. But it was difficult to find a publisher for the game, they were everywhere closed doors. Only publisher Interplay, who also published Shattered Steel, was interested. When they saw the quality of the game, they had a different assignment for BioWare, developing a game based on the popular Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Because Battle Ground was put on hold and began with the development of Baldur's Gate.

The success of Baldur's Gate after its release in 1998 was unprecedented. The game received praise from all media and only positive reviews. Some is Baldur's Gate is responsible for the computer RPG genre revived. Although known RPGs like Fallout and Diablo few years this appeared Baldur's Gate was praised by the very good compliance with the Dungeons & Dragons rules. Financial Baldur's Gate was also a success, with over 2 million copies sold worldwide, and BioWare was finally put on the map as developer.