Dragon Age: Origins VO Interview

The Internet is home to another interview with actress Kate Mulgrew about the voiceover work she did for Morrigan's mother Flemeth in Dragon Age: Origins.
I know you have done voiceovers for some other video games in the past (including Star Trek: Legacy, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force) ...

Mulgrew: I've done a lot of voiceovers in my life. I've done a lot of cartoons. I don't know how many games, but this is certainly the most sophisticated game I have done done. This is a kind of epic, dark, brutal, fantastic game that I probably would play. I don't think it's traditional. There's nothing conventional about it. It's asking anyone who engages in this game to go a step further. The challenges are both visceral and intellectual and also emotional. That is the BioWare trademark, I think. They are a bit famous for producing this kind of excellence. One imagines immediately people playing it and how they are going to respond to this voice.