Additional Info on CD Projekt Acquisition

The sleuths over at have uncovered further details on yesterday's surprising news of CD Projekt's planned acquisition by Polish technology company Optimus S.A.:
After the deal is completed, Optimus will own 100% of all CD Projekt Investment group stocks. CD Projekt will pay with its own shares for 35 million new Optimus stocks. For the rest of the CDP shares, Optimus will pay 14 million zlotys. As the current share capital of Optimus consists of 28 million stocks, CD Projekt will become the majority shareholder of Optimus, entering the Warsaw Stock Exchange through a back door. What was the reason for this decision? Gazeta Wyborcza asked CD Projekt's co-founder, Michał Kiciński: "We have tried to find a way of entering the stock market for several months, in order to develop further and to more easily acquire capital for producing games, without being at the mercy of Western publishers."