CD Projekt to be Acquired by Optimus S.A. brings word that, in order to enter the stock market "without the necessary formalities", CD Projekt has agreed to be acquired by Polish technology company Optimus S.A..  It sounds like an awfully scary way to seek investment to me, but I'll let you decide for yourself:

As we managed to find out, CD Projekt, the developer of The Witcher and owner of digital distribution platform Good Old Games is to be bought by the nearly defunct public company, Optimus S.A., specializing in assembly of PCs. Optimus is paying with its own shares, to be owned by the current owners of CD Projekt, so in reality it is a way for CD Projekt, a privately owned company, to enter the stock market without the necessary formalities. The companies have signed a letter of intent today, and since Optimus is public, official information should appear soon.


CD Projekt enters the stock market through a back door

The company signed a letter of intent with Optimus. The agreement will look similar as with the cooperation between Optimus and Work Service, senator Tomasz Misiak's company.

Optimus will buy 100% of the whole CD Projekt Investment group, paying with its own shares, and de facto it's the shareholders of CD Projekt that will be the owners of the new company, entering the Warsaw stock market over the ruins of Optimus.

The Optimus management negotiated a deal with CD Projekt before, but it signed a letter of intent with Work Service in July. Both parties broke the agreement several days ago. Then CD Projekt returned to the table.

Thanks, Ausir.