BioWare Blog: Dragon Age at Comic-Con, Part Five

In his final Comic-Con blog entry, BioWare's Jay Watamaniuk talks about the encounters he had on the show floor during the second day of the San Diego event.
We spoke with several unswervingly intense RPG fans who were really looking forward to the release of Dragon Age in October but the one fan that was very cool for me to meet in person is the artist who has been gracious enough to allow us to post some of her work. Irma Aimo' Ahmed. She had brought with her an original piece of the art that I will be proud to present to the Dragon Age team when I head back to Edmonton on Monday.

The day continued well into the evening with a rooftop party that overlooked the baseball stadium. Fernando Melo, Mike Avery were wandering about the huge gathering when we spotted a bearded, hat-wearing, bespectacled Zackary Quinto.

I started to pay attention at that point and sure enough, there was Masi Oka. I got a chance to meet him, shake his hand, and tell him he has a bunch of fans back in Canada. A very humble fellow who let a bunch of pictures be taken. Not to risk this becoming a gossip column I also spotted Ming-Na, and the guy up on the stage getting the crowd rolling was Tyrese Gibson.