Champions Online Pre-order Incentives Revealed

Cryptic Studios has revealed four different promotions they're running for gamers willing to pre-order a copy of Champions Online.
GameStop is offering access to the Early Start Program, giving customers who preorder a few days headstart in the game before its official launch on September 1st! In addition, all preorders include the exclusive Insectoid Airfoil costume piece and the Experimental Anti-Graviton Generator flight travel power at character creation.

Wal-Mart offers a Limited Edition Package with collectible lenticular cover, which also includes a zone map, iron-on decal, and ten additional Cryptic Points.

Best Buy
Best Buy offers access to the Early Start Program, along with an exclusive action figure in-game and a damage resistance item.

Amazon preorders receive five additional Cryptic Points, and three exclusive costume pieces: Harlequin Headpiece, Black Knight Helmet, and Grenade Chest Strap.