EverQuest Progression Server Preview

MMORPG.com has taken a closer look at Sony Online's upcoming "progression" server for EverQuest that will allow players to progressively move through the game's content over the last seven years. Check it out:
The progression server is a new server that will start with the original, just-out-of-the-box content of EverQuest, seven years ago. McGeathy points out, though, that there are some changes between the progression server and original EQ. Some changes are not being taken out, and instead of waiting the usual 6 to 12 months for an update, new content will be unlocked by players finishing tasks and killing bosses.

The progression server has been getting a lot of support from players, even though SoE hasn't really started advertising it yet. McGeathy said that they expected some excitement but nothing near the support they are receiving. McGeathy said that the players are being really helpful, and submitting instances of new quests and changes in old zones.