Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning E3 Previews

The folks at Warhammer Alliance and Ten Ton Hammer are both offering up new E3 previews of Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. A snip from the article at Warhammer Alliance:
In WAR there are four basic types of quests: Public quests, Conflict quests, Branching quests, and Xmas quests. Public quests tend to have various stages that everyone can participate in; for example, in one quest there is a giant just outside of the Orc camp that is being harassed by some Squig. Once players deal with the Squigs, your next goal is to get the giant drunk. You do this by collecting a lot of beer, because well, it is fun to get giants drunk. Once the giant is drunk he will randomly charge off to fight any dwarfs that can be found in the name of the Horde! But of course, since this is a public quest, this means that anyone who happens to be the same area as the quest will be able to partake in it, even if you weren't there to kill Squigs in the first place. By collecting beer, you can join in with everyone else on sending the drunken giant off to the fight, and for each step you are present for, your character gains status within the respective area. In my example case, that would be Skarzag since this giant is just outside of his camp.

And a snip from one of the two articles (here and here) at Ten Ton Hammer:
The combat system is standard MMO, with at least two nice twists. The morale system, pervasive in the tabletop version of Warhammer, is represented in-game in similar fashion to World of Warcraft's rage mechanic for Warriors; it builds in relation to time spent in combat, then diminishes when out of combat. Points accumulate as morale crosses certain thresholds, allowing for powerful combat moves and spells, such as a dwarven engineer's cannonball barrage. Another combat innovation, (tactics) are something like stackable offensive or defensive passive abilities, making for easily customizable player combat builds.