The Temple of Elemental Evil Second Patch Status

Troika's Steve Moret stopped by the official Atari forums to provide an update to the status of the second Temple of Elemental Evil patch. His full post to follow:
I've been holding off posting about this for a while now, but seeing as Atari doesn't want to respond to my questions as to what's going on from their end I'm going to let you guys know what has happened on my end.

On the morning of April 12th, 2004 I e-mailed the ToEE producer at Atari what we hoped to be the final beta of patch 2. Verifying that he did receive it, that producer wrote back indicating he was going to try and get it into testing as soon as he could.

That was the last I've heard from Atari.

In these subsequent weeks, I've been e-mailing that producer, another producer, and the PR manager for ToEE to try and find out what the status of the patch is. To date, I have received no e-mails back.

I have also (unofficially) begun work on what I hope to be patch 3, which hopefully will include some new content (so far new long item descriptions courtesy of Mike Mercurio) as well as fix up any issues people are still seeing after patch 2 gets released.

I am assuming patch 2 is still in testing, but since nobody at Atari has written me back in 2 weeks I cannot say for certain. I also cannot release what exactly is in patch 2. As soon as I have more information I'll let you know, even if it is as vague as "Atari has contacted me and we will have more information at a later date."