Silent Storm: Sentinels Preview

S2 HQ has put together a preview of Silent Storm: Sentinels, based upon a demo copy of the expansion they recently received. A snippet to follow:
The Armoury is a bit different too. Things aren't all just laid out on a platter for you. You have to talk to the arms dealer. He has a limited range and supply, so you won't easily be able to outfit you squad with all your favourite weapons right away. In fact, the prce of weapons and supplies makes your budget quite tight, and encourages conservation of expensive items such as grenades. You are provided with a locker too, where you can store all the loot you may need later, or don't want to sell just yet. As promised, weapons now have a durability factor built in. The more use and abuse a weapon gets the more likely it is to jam or break.You can have weapons repaired by the arms dealer, at a cost. Damaged weapons are also worth less to resell, so it pays to watch the value of items you collect on the battlefield. (Pressing 'Alt' shows you the value of items.) Ohh, and one last thing, items bought can be sold back for the same cost! So if you make a mistake and grab the wrong ammo you are not out of pocket if you return it immediately.