World of Warcraft Preview

Warcry has put together a very enthusiastic preview of World of Warcraft, based upon the ongoing beta. A snippet:
Last, and certainly not least, the rogue. Holy stealthy stealing, Batman! The rogue has been, by far, the most fun class for me so far. The rogue has certain abilities that can only be used while stealthed. The first of course, is pickpocket Another ability is sap, which, when used from behind, allows the rogue to stun a humanoid mob for 25 seconds.

When fighting with the rogue, things are fast; really fast! You use daggers, so of course your downtime between each attack is minimal, averaging 1.5 seconds. Rather than just dumbly swinging away, you can use your attack abilities. Each successful hit of with these abilities adds a combo point. The more combo points you earn, the more of an effect your finishing moves have. As of level 13, I only have 2 finishing moves; one that adds a ton of extra damage and one that increases my attack speed by 15% for X number of seconds (X depends on number of combo points).