Star Wars Galaxies Expands New Player Experience

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Star Wars Galaxies(r) Expands New Player Experience

Players new to MMORPGs will now get a little extra help when starting out in Star Wars Galaxies(r): An Empire Divided(r). After completing the initial tutorial, players will now be directed to one or two of the most populated cities in the galaxy, dropping them right in the thick of the action.

New players will also be automatically supplied with an interactive helper droid in their inventory. This droid will not only answer questions, but it will offer guidance and suggestions based on the player's choice of starting profession. Beginning with in the medic profession, a player might be prompted by their droid to aid injured characters by crafting and using medical packs. With this help, players will instantly gain experience while learning the roles their character might play in the greater community.

As new players advance, the helper droid steers its charge toward larger goals and higher level content and provide rewards for completed tasks, including free cloning, free shuttleport travel and free speeder bike rental. The helper droid assists current players as well by uploading missions and instructions for more experienced players trying out new professions.

The addition of the new helper droid coincides with a new, low Suggested Retail Price of Star Wars Galaxies(r): An Empire Divided(r) of $29.99 at the end of the month.