Master of Magic Remake New Update Available

Having recently released the Through the Myrror content update for their remake of Master of Magic, the MuHa Games team now brings us this patch that apparently concludes their immediate post-launch plans for the project. Featuring a heap of fixes and improvements, this patch introduces a new Cartographer screen and makes the game load faster.

Here are the complete patch notes:

Greetings, Master of Magic players!

See below the latest changelog for our beloved game, which introduces a host of exciting new features and improvements to enhance your gameplay experience such as:
  • Choose Wizard Launcher Images
  • Cartographer Screen
  • Faster loading times
See here the Full changelog:


FIX - Fixed an issue. MOD - Modified. ADD - New Features.
  • ADD Choose Wizard Launcher Images
  • ADD Cartographer screen
  • ADD Allow/disallow switch to use Wizard’s spells during autobattle
  • ADD "Move to attack" action in battle
  • ADD Alternative system significantly decreasing time for reloading saves at the cost of disc space added (it can be disabled in settings)
The additions officially close the current roadmap! Stay tuned for the next one...
  • ADD Visual representation of Chaos Rift, Inspirations, Consecration and Prosperity enchantments on town map
  • ADD ‘None’ option to neutral town count in the difficulty setting of a new game (this offers an alternative style of game, without the bonus of capturing many neutral cities, also gives the starting race choice more focus)
  • ADD Number and paging arrows to unused artefacts grid on Army Manager screen ADD Mouse scroll now flips spell book's pages
  • ADD Number of defenders for each city on the City Manager screen
  • MOD Leadership on Chaos Channelled should now work correctly , i.e not work on units that have become fantastic
  • MOD Spell price / artefact price as a reward - artefact price has dropped to 275 so weak lairs can "give" artefacts more often, while common spells price has risen
  • MOD Sound when buying construction, artefact or unit
  • MOD Visual tweaks to Magic screen
  • MOD Adamantine res - now adds only 10% to hit
  • MOD Earthwalker skill - that skill now protects from the Earth To Mud spell
  • MOD Removed the possibility of cancelling globals from a unit
  • MOD Transmute Wild Game - now we can transmute Wild Game into Mammoth like the description says
  • MOD ResistMagic - will not be cast by AI on unit with magic immunity
  • MOD Tweaks to nature node's sparkles
  • FIX Some options in Settings not being localised correctly
  • FIX Resources giving food - wild game etc will give Food to town
  • FIX If a unit is removed from the stack, the system will now check if the unit was performing a task, like building roads etc, and the task will be stopped
  • FIX Wizard buttons on diplomacy screen should now catch clicks on the entire button area, not just the gem
  • FIX Remapping end turn button not being recognised during battle
  • FIX Hotkeys getting registered while entering text in an input field
  • FIX Charm of Life - when use on unit with 4+ life could show slider on less than 100% (like 99%) even if unit fully healed
  • FIX Leadership - range attacks get half of the bonus
  • FIX Stonemason trait - units from created outpost get the engineer skill too
  • FIX Move Fortress doesn't reset unrest
  • FIX Too much power gained from nodes - calculation corrected
  • FIX High Men Spearman walking speed animation
  • FIX Goblin Boar Riders - incorrect unit class icon (was the same as War Mammoth)
  • FIX Icon names for The Resistor shield and axe
  • FIX 0 production buildings/units should be able to buy them still - we can now complete construction of unit/building if we buy it even when production is 0
  • FIX Catapult wall bug - Catapult and other Wall Crushers will not destroy own walls when defending the city anymore
  • FIX Fixed max movement points of units when extracting from group
  • FIX Wall of Darkness realm - now Death instead Chaos
  • FIX Wild Game event not increasing max population - fix updating town resources when resource on terrain changes
  • FIX Unit info statistics update in battle
  • FIX Crash when double click on unit's spellbook opened from unit info
  • FIX Match function for trading in events
  • FIX Mining Mammoths - Mammoths do now allow to build mines any more
  • FIX Melee units with wall crasher can now attack walls (not only gate)
  • FIX Magic immunity - fix item flight skill
  • FIX Embark movement cost - embarking won't add MP now
  • FIX Crash when AI tried optimising its armies
  • FIX Population text field on town marker not being able to display some longer numbers
  • FIX Groups formation test after transfering transporter resulting in a crash in some cases
  • Fix Change Terrain - now it can change terrain under lairs and ruins
  • FIX Mouse scroll wheel not working correctly on some lists/grids
  • FIX Goblin towns appearing when Through the Myrror is turned off
  • FIX Guardian Wind being evaluated by AI against ranged attacks instead of normal ranged attacks
  • FIX Number of Battle AI spell evaluations not checking if the enemy list is empty, and some visibility of the potential target evaluation
Thank you to all our players for your support of the game!