Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon Demo Available

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon, Questline and Awaken Realms' Arthurian open world RPG with board game roots, will be launching into early access on March 30, 2023. But before we get there, the developers invite us to check out the game's Steam demo featuring its prologue, which translates into roughly 30-60 minutes of gameplay.

Together with the demo announcement, we get some info on the upcoming early access phase, with the initial build offering 10-15 hours of gameplay, a general lack of polish, and a reduced price compared to the game's full release. We're also treated to several new screenshots, but here are just the text bits to get you started:

Hello everyone!

Today, we have quite an exciting update for all of you!

While our team is doing the final sprint, doing as much as possible to create a great Early Access for all of you, we thought that it might be a good time to get a small warm-up! We have prepared a demo, that you can play and test the game in action right…about… NOW!

Demo will take you to a prologue of the game and show you around 30-60 minutes of the game. We hope it will give you a good taste of what we are going for in Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon! Just please note that due to the character of the prologue, there is not much of “Open World” there yet - don’t worry, once you reach the mainland, you will have full freedom of travel and exploration!

Now, since we are still very much an indie team - we would really appreciate you guys spreading the word about the game and available demo! We really would love to show our work to as many people as possible! So if you enjoy what we are trying to create here - spread the word!


We also have an official Early Access release date - 30th of March! To celebrate that, we have created a special trailer showcasing the newest version of the game.

Check it out!


Early Access

Now, let’s talk a little bit about Early Access. We previously mentioned it a bit, but since we are really close now, we just want to quickly manage expectations.

We will be using Early Access, as a real tool for creating the game together with you, players. This has both positive and negative sides.

First, let’s start with negatives - don’t expect a fully finished / polished experience.

We intend to work extensively on the first zone of the game, as well as developing all the systems, balancing, bug-fixes, and optimization. In general, what we will present to you in Early Access is the first zone of the game, which should provide around 10-15 hours of gameplay. Expect small bugs, imbalance, and a lack of final polish

Most importantly - expect your saves to be obliterated with some of the bigger patches. In order to make sure we can provide the best game possible, we need to have this possibility in case of bigger changes.

Now, the positives! We will be working on this game with you as a community. You will actually be able to take an awesome journey together, and we vow to listen to your feedback. Together we will add content, take some things out, change mechanics, and balance things. From our experience, this will create a lot of awesome stories and memories! While the game will be rough around the edges, we do believe that it is also a really fun RPG with a soul! Additionally, the Early Access price will be cheaper than the full release. You will be able to get the game at Early Access for $29 USD!

Last but not least - check out some new screenshots from the dark but beautiful Avalon! ;)


Ok, this is it for today's update! Enjoy the demo and wish us luck with the last weeks of work before premiere!