Balrum Anniversary Patch and Sale

Balcony Softworks's Balrum is an old-school, turn-based, open world RPG boasting deep tactical combat together with a bevy of sandbox survival features. The game launched on March 1, 2016, and in order to celebrate the seventh anniversary of that date, the developers have put together a new patch and are currently (through March 8, 2023) offering a 75% discount.

The new patch, then, makes the game play better with modern machines, adds an assortment of new sound effects, refines the UI, and introduces some other miscellaneous improvements.

Here are the patch notes:

Balrum is 7 years old! We are celebrating with a new patch and a 75% discount!

The new patch contains the following improvements:
  • The game now uses the latest libraries to ensure the best compatibility with modern systems.
  • Modernized the underlying sound system to better handle modern audio configurations.
  • Added sound effects to various game elements. Like opening a cauldron or picking up certain items that had no sound effect previously.
  • Added a new conversation for Dudley. (this conversation should help newcomers to the game)
  • Added a new map marker to the Darkwood map. (needs new playthrough)
  • Small increases to text size in certain UI elements. (e.g. XP gained)
Thank you for your support over the years everyone!

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Have a nice day!

Balcony Team