SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Patch v1.1 Available

Following some player feedback, the developers over at Owned by Gravity have put together a new patch for their turn-based strategy/RPG hybrid SpellForce: Conquest of Eo. As a result, you can now freely customize the game's difficulty settings. This includes choosing the exact mages you'll be facing during your campaign.

Beyond that, the patch introduces some handy quality of life improvements, like the ability to sort your crafting ingredients, assorted performance improvements and tooltip clarifications, and a heap of balance adjustments.

Here are the patch notes:

Today’s patch for SpellForce – Conquest of Eo is all about choice and setting up the game the way you want to play it! Now you can completely individualize your preferred difficulty setting from enemy aggression to antagonist power and AI behavior to economy as well as choosing the Circle Mages you face in the game. Pro Tip: Simply pick the ones you love to hate, to make victory that much sweeter!

We have also been busy with over 50 smaller and larger fixes and improvements to the game based on community feedback as well as major performance optimizations, so more people can enjoy a smoother experience.

Time to visit Eo and make your way from humble beginnings to becoming the greatest of mages – if you survive!

This is the complete list for the patch 1.1:

  • Added a variety of custom difficulty settings - set the game up exactly the way you like to play it
  • Added antagonist selection at campaign start - choose whom you face in game!
  • Display quality of slotted artefacts/glyphs in unit details
  • Added essence filters for inventories in the tower menu - filter your ingredients by essence type
  • Several performance improvements on worldmap leading to reduced system memory usage, improved loading times and smoother framerates (especially on weaker systems)
  • Improved colors of crafting essences, to be better readable for people with various color vision deficiencies
  • Can now assign build lodge action also into known fog of war
  • Improved performance when gaining status effects in battle
  • Increased supported concurrent domains displayed per faction from 50 to 128 (looking at you, Instant Castle spam)
  • Tooltips correctly differentiate between "can cause"(30% chance) and "inflict"(100% chance unless resisted) status effect
  • Made description of Thunderstorm and similar skills clearer
  • Follower explains that it overrides Enslaved
  • Resistances are now stacked relative chance based on difference to 100% (30% Resistance Base = 30% Resistance, add 20% from Spell/Glyph= 30+(70*20%)= 44% Resistance). This allows units with 100% resistance to still be immune, while providing diminishing returns for stacking resistances and prevents immune murder stacks.
  • Steadfast now grants 50% resistance against status effects instead of full immunity
  • Life leech only works against Mortal units to make it less universally powerful
  • All summons in battle appear without actions to reduce summon spam strategies
  • Specific Titan Spells can only be kept active once, like Global Enchantments (affects Forgemaster, Lightbringer, Primordial Treant, Shaper Golem)
  • Consume Corpse now always heals the unit post battle for its healing value, but is rarer in levelups, so you don't have to hunt down or miss out on corpses in battle
  • Balanced Magic Coffer/Gift/Reputation Increase spell values
  • Made Dancers Potion and Unstable Elixir more viable
  • Lowered strength of Copper Rune of Ashen and Copper Rune of Elementalist to match other runes of same powerlevel
  • Enslaving a unit does not trigger moral loss/onDeath effects anymore
  • Increased Damage for Berserker Trait, increased resistance for Quick Reflexes, lowered Resistance of BathedInLight
  • Motivate has 1-turn cooldown and Motivate and Command cannot target the source unit (stops endless action exploit)
  • Fixed savegame menu to show all savegames despite unknown files being present
  • Fixed flyers not being able to fly over destructibles
  • Fixed post battle unit state bugging out and not being displayed from then on
  • Fixed Leech City not working on Westguard's Bastion
  • Fixed Hokan Ashir having Purity troops, now has proper undead version
  • Fixed loop in Estwal settlement adventure and adventure existing more than once
  • Fixed Audale shops not properly unlocking the spells you bought
  • Fixed an issue that caused kennel upgrades to override enslaved for all units instead of only beasts.
  • When all combatants die during a battle, we now make sure one unit stays alive for winning faction to avoid errors with adventures
  • Implemented fallback to make saves work again where multiple locations are saved at the same position
  • Credits menu can now be exited with controller
  • Fixed an issue that caused the follower spell to not work once kennel feeding pits have been built
  • Fixed an issue where having a Draw result in a adventure battle caused the game to stop responding
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain sacrifice unit options in adventures to stop you from progressing the adventure
  • Fixed incorrect saved path adjustment if path was blocked or interrupted
  • Fixed cocooned unit aborting attacker's melee skill
  • Fixed crash in Silver Drift Hollow Mine adventure when fleeing from second fight
  • Fixed issue where spawning a primordial forest inside your domain wouldn't instantly apply additional modifiers from rooms
  • Fixed issue where apprentice join notification could break savegames
  • Made sure correct message is displayed when no valid crafting recipe was found