Master of Magic Remake: Through the Myrror Deep Dive - New Wizard, Bianka

Through the Myrror, the first content update for MuHa Games' remake of Master of Magic, is scheduled to go live on March 9, 2023. And as a result, we're now treated to this deep dive article introducing us to Bianka, a Dwarven Runekeeper who will be joining the game's roster of wizards when the update goes live.

Here's what she's all about:

The game is still in development, some skills/traits are subject to change

In the upcoming release of Master of Magic: Through the Myrror, players will have the chance to command the power of a new wizard, Bianka.

Bianka: Dwarven Runekeeper

Hailing from Myrror, Bianka has risen to the highest ranks of dwarven nobility, thanks to her unmatched mastery of rune magic and her steadfast determination.

But her impressive achievements do not stop there, as she is also a skilled Stonemason with an almost unnatural affinity to stone.

Bianka seeks to prove herself as the ultimate Master by wielding not one, but three separate magic schools: Sorcery, Chaos, and Nature she has a formidable force to be reckoned with.

All in all, Bianka is a wizard to be feared and respected in the world of Master of Magic. With her determination, mastery, and unique abilities, she is sure to be a valuable addition to the game's cast of characters.

Bianka Magic and Traits

Bianka's traits add even more depth to her already impressive character. As a Myrran, she is naturally attuned to the energies of Myrror. Additionally, her Stonemason trait starts with a wall of stone in the capital and all cities and all cities built by a settler, while her Runemaster trait enhances her already impressive mastery of rune magic.

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