Master of Magic Remake - Through the Myrror Free Update Revealed

MuHa Games together with Slitherine released their Master of Magic remake roughly two months ago. And in a few weeks, on March 9, 2023 to be precise, that remake will be getting its first free update in Through the Myrror.

The update itself will feature new challenges, opportunities, and Wizards, while its announcement sheds some light on Tlachtga, a Goblin druid with a knack for summoning who will be joining the game's roster of Wizards when the update goes live.

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Master of Magic players, brace yourselves for a magical journey like no other!

A new free update, "Through the Myrror," will arrive on the 9th of March, and it brings with it a host of new challenges, opportunities, and new Wizards.

We introduce you to the first new Wizard: Tlachtga, the goblin druid, whose mastery over nature's powers makes her a formidable opponent on the battlefields of the Myrror.

Tlachtga: Goblin druid

Her mastery of the less benign face of the circle of life has drawn her to Myrror where nature’s malice can be tamed and controlled.

Tlachtga is known for her powerful Nature summoner abilities, which make Nature summons 50% cheaper, and begins her journey with a unit of War Bears and all of the Nature summoning spells.

Her dark origin story, steeped in secrecy and magic, only adds to her enigma and appeal. It is said that she was born of a union of the great druid Mug Ruith and an unknown beast, her mother. Some even claim that she was born with the ability to change form and that she actually tore herself from her mother’s belly with little bear claws.

Tlachtga Magic and Traits

Her inclusion in the Master of Magic world brings with it new challenges and opportunities for players. Tlachtga's traits of Myrran and Nature Summoner give her a unique edge in battle and make her a force to be reckoned with. With a magic book of 8 in Nature, Tlachtga is sure to shake things up in the world of Master of Magic.

Magic Books:


Wizard Traits:


Nature summoner

More "Through the Myrror" updates will come until the release date, so mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a truly epic journey.