Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness New Content Update Live

If you like to play your party-based RPGs with a party full of custom adventurers, you should turn your attention to the latest update for Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness that allows you to do just that. It also provides a handy online tool where you can engage in some theorycrafting, rebalances the game's attribute system, adds a Spanish localization, and more.

Some additional details:

Ho there, adventurers!

The current update brings long-awaited features as well as some surprises! Summary of changes:
  • Create up to 5 custom characters during character creation if you prefer
  • A free online tool to create character builds that you can import into the game
  • Charisma, Focus and Dexterity now enable more enjoyable and versatile character builds
  • Balance: improved early-game and end-game difficulty for smoother gameplay
  • Spanish localization (both for Spain and Latin America)
  • Lots of bugfixes
Create Your Full Party

When you start a new game, Black Geyser allows you to create your main character as well as up to 4 custom characters for your party. These additional characters won't be present in the prologue and tutorial of the game; you will be able to recruit them a tad bit later. Their location will be displayed in the Summary screen of the Character Creation UI, as well as in the Party Manager UI during the game. We will also list their locations below (SPOILER ALERT):
  • On Merchant's Road, standing by the eastern edge of the rocky outcropping north of the smoking wreckage.
  • At the Isilbright Gates, by the lion statue on the right side of the bridge.
  • Just outside the Crooked Haggler, to the left of the entrance.
  • Inside the Crooked Haggler, standing at the bar.
If the game progresses to the main quest "To The Quick" before recruiting the second and third custom companion, they move inside the Crooked Haggler.

Creating your custom party no longer requires you to own a copy of Black Geyser, since we also created a completely free, online Character Generator website for you. It allows you to create and download a custom party, which you can import directly into the game if you wish. Since you can use this website from any location, you can have fun with character builds even when you don't have Black Geyser installed on your current device.

Balance and Attributes Update

In terms of balance, the current update addresses two earlier issues of the game: early-game areas were too easy, and the second half of the game could be unfair due to a harsh spike in difficulty. In terms of attributes, three stats (Charisma, Focus, and Dexterity) were redesigned carefully. For a precise description of balance and attribute changes, please take a look at this detailed documentation.

Spanish Localization

Both versions of Spanish localization (Spain and Latin America) are now available for the game! We want to express our eternal thanks to Miguel Lara for creating these translations for Black Geyser. Without his selfless and precise work, the game wouldn't be available in Spanish now. We also want to thank Oscar "DonHart" Gómez for his participation in the LATAM version of the Spanish localization.

Our Future

We are a very small indie team with a particularly meager budget and a single product. If you like our work, you can support the project by posting a review on Steam to let others know what you think. We would love to create a sequel for Black Geyser, taking into account the lessons we learnt so far as well as your awesome feedback to make the sequel an even better and refined product.

Fixes and improvements
  • You can now create a full custom party instead of a single character if you prefer
  • You can also use our free website to create your characters
  • Added Spanish and Latin American Spanish localizations
  • Improved game balance
  • Redesigned Charisma
  • Increased damage bonus of Clean hits from 25% to 50%
  • Damaging and Healing Spells can now cause Critical effects
  • Using Dissuade to complete quests now properly gives quest rewards
  • Interruption is now based on the Interrupt Strength and Interrupt Evasion stats
  • Critical hits now produce camera shake when killing the target only
  • Switching back and forth during character creation no longer results in Special Ability uses
  • Spawning too close to the guards at Isilbright Gates during Gerdra's approach no longer causes the game to freeze
  • The player party now keeps its formation while approaching the enemy leader during the final cutscene at Woeful Gorge
  • Reduced Frozen effect duration of Shivering Tomb spell
  • Removed Stun effect from Shivering Tomb spell
  • Reduced the range of the Panic effect of Demonic Gift: Unholy Growth spell
  • Reduced the periodic damage component of the Tattered Woman's Blood Cloud spell
  • Acid Rain, Brickfall, Celestial Barrage, Permafrost and Wasp Assault now count as damage over time effects
  • King Velianrick's crown can no longer be looted after his death
  • Fixed Reaver item stats
  • Fixed Pyroclaster item stats
We’re truly grateful to everyone who has joined us on this journey and continues to support Black Geyser.

The Black Geyser Team