King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Skirmish Game Mode & Free Content Update Available

NeocoreGames brings us a new content update for King Arthur: Knight's Tale that introduces the "Moderate" difficulty level, tweaks a few things, and fixes some bugs. And on top of that, it paves the way for three Skirmish mini-campaigns that act as a series of self-contained themed missions.

One of these Skirmish campaigns is available to everyone who owns the game, while the other two (Pict Skirmish Pack and Brigands Skirmish Pack) are offered as DLC, priced at $4.99 or your regional equivalent. And if you really want to support the game, you can now also purchase a Supporter Pack containing some short stories and digital goodies.

Here's more on the new update and some quick patch highlights:


We are happy to announce that a new update is now live for King Arthur: Knight's Tale and two new DLCs are also available for purchase on Steam.

The new update adds a brand new optional Skirmish Game Mode to the game. In this mode, you'll be able to play through various unique mini-scenarios - all of which feature ten encounters, each more challenging than the previous one. Currently we have three mini-scenarios available: "The Trials of Sir Tewelyn" is free to play and added to the game with the patch for everyone, while "The Painted Devils" and the "Rogues and Renegades" skirmish maps are available as DLCs on Steam.

"The Trials of Sir Tewelyn" lets you control the infamous Sir Tewelyn and his Lost army (you might remember him from the story campaign), the first DLC focuses on the Pict faction, while the second follows a band of renegade Brigands. You can access the Skirmishes from the Main Menu. Do note that your campaign progress won't affect any of it and won't be affected by your Skirmish progress either, this is a separate game mode. By completing these challenges, you can earn three new Achievements to show off your mastery of tactics and strategy.

  • Skirmish Game Mode:
    • The Trials of Sir Tewelyn
    • The Painted Devils
    • Rogues and Renegades
  • New difficulty level - Moderate
    • The Resting place heals 50% of your Heroes' HP and Armour
    • Enemies get a -15% damage output and -15% Vitality, HP and Armour compared to Hard difficulty
    • Developer comment: the new difficulty level was created for players who found no challenge on Normal difficulty but ran into hopeless situations many times in the campaign on Hard
  • 3 new Achievements added - one for each of the new mini-scenarios