Fallout 25th Anniversary Retrospectives

With Fallout celebrating the 25th anniversary since its original release, Bethesda brings us this article highlighting some fresh Fallout Shelter content and then sharing a video retrospective featuring Feargus Urquhart, Brian Fargo, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky. Then, there's also this article where Inon Zur reminisces about working on the soundtrack for Fallout 4.

Here's the video:

And then, we have this third party retrospective from PC Mag. A couple of sample paragraphs to get you started:

Cain persuaded Brian Fargo to license GURPS, and let him develop a computerized version of its ruleset. For quite some time, he was the only person on the project, building a whole new game engine to go with it. Eventually, he held an open meeting after work with free pizza to entice other team members to work on the game—which still had no premise, setting, or characters, just mechanics.

The informal group batted around a bunch of concepts—time travel, medieval fantasy, and more—before settling on a post-apocalyptic world, encouraged by Fargo telling them that he might be able to get the Wasteland license back from Electronic Arts. That process took a year with no results. What seemed like a massive setback actually proved to be the creative jolt that Cain and his team needed. They were now free from any responsibilities towards pre-existing products, and could do their own thing.

Artist Leonard Boyarsky provided the final missing piece: The new game would be set in a post-nuclear world, but the post-nuclear world of the 1950s and the Cold War. The tone was satirical and dark, contrasting the absurd optimism of the era with the absolute shambles the ruined world was found in.