Wartales - The Great Gosenberg Update Now Live

The Great Gosenberg, the second major early access update for Shiro Games' mercenary RPG Wartales, is now live. On top of a wide range of fixes and improvements, this update introduces the city of Gosenberg to the game along with a brand-new storyline and some new activities.

Here's a new trailer:

And the update notes:

The City of Gosenberg, located in the verdant province of Grinmeer, is a beacon of hope, culture and art. It is said that any man, woman or child that sets their eyes upon the capital are left overwhelmed by its splendour.

Unfortunately, it seems entirely possible that your mercenaries may find themselves too busy to enjoy its many pleasures…

A despicable crime has taken place in the heart of the Upper City: the murder of Broker Wylla Ald Hoevendorp, (an ex) member of the Brokers’ Council, rulers of the Kingdom of Gosenberg.

Any and all mercenary companies located within the province are “invited” to aid in the investigation, where they will have to interrogate the townsfolk, convince witnesses to share their tales, and take part in local customs in order to blend in and unmask the culprit.

Gosenberg and Its Scenario

The capital city, Gosenberg, is the first of its kind in Wartales.

This ambitious and grandiose new region adds a huge amount of new content for you to complete, explore and challenge yourself with, including:

A brand new storyline:
  • Lead an investigation and unmask trader Wylla Ald Hoevendorp’s murderer.
  • Question the townsfolk and accuse whoever you deem suspicious thanks to two new dialogue options.
  • Bring the accused to justice by providing evidence at their trial which takes place in the Brokers' Palace.
  • Rouste
    • Try your hand at the most violent and enthralling sport in Wartales.
    • Throw yourself into the fray (and the mud) with six of your best companions.
    • Take on the local team for a chance to win a prize provided by the generous: Broker Bernna.
    • Features a brand new “combat” system based on the current one, as well as new features, skills and equipment.
  • 2 new arenas with their respective champions
  • A new champion
  • Explore a new region and its points of interest, including but not limited to
    • The Brokers’ Palace
    • The Embassy
    • The Brothel
    • A few Manor houses
  • Explore a new Tomb of the Ancients including a new kind of puzzle
  • New Location in Arthes County
Companions and Camp Life
  • The unit level cap has been increased to 11 and enemy level cap to 12
  • Unlock level 10 skills, allowing for new possibilities during combat, including changing weapons (same weapon type only, ex: dagger for dagger) during combat!
  • Profession level cap has been increased to 4, includes a new bonus
  • The 2 Arenas unlock 2 class specialisations
  • Reworked the Compendium Forge page: you can now unlock craftable weapons and armour in groups of 3 at the cost of 1 knowledge point
  • Added Forge Tier III as well as a new resource: Rimesteel
  • 6 new traits have been added
  • New camp animations have been added
    • Watch Stool
    • Lectern
    • Chest
  • Added left-handed weapons (a whopping 14 of them!) including the Recoil Bomblet and Pungent Powder
  • 8 belt/backpack items
  • 12 cooking recipes
  • 2 oils
  • Weekly Bounty gear is now upgradable!
  • Reworked battle pony armour: light/medium/heavy has been replaced by Tier 1/2/3, added a 3D model for the armour
  • More fish to… fish!
  • And much more for you to discover!
  • Bandit Lairs balancing: now each skull corresponds to a wave of enemy reinforcements
  • Fire Damage over Time reworked : You will no longer be able to get rid of fire so easily.
  • Enemy ponies will now wear armour in battle, changes depending on their level.
  • Readjusted the components necessary for certain crafts
  • “Volunteer” trait changed 50% -> 10%
  • “Pretending” trait changed 10% -> 20%
  • “Stupid” trait changed 10% -> 5%
  • “Worker” trait changed 5% -> 20%
  • Increasing job levels will take longer
  • Increasing companion levels will be faster
  • Iron and wood loot in POIs has been adjusted
  • Meat dryer balancing
    • 2 carcasses > 4 dried meat
    • 2 fishes > 10 dried fish
    • 2 meat > 10 dried meat
    • 2 rats > 4 dried meat
Bug Fixes
  • “legendary presence” quest has been fixed
  • “Tomb raiders” quest has been fixed
  • “The ogress” (Weekly Bounty weapon) has been fixed
  • Skills affected by range bonuses have been fixed
  • “Ravagers” ingame achievement has been fixed
  • “Eclectic Intellectuals” ingame achievement has been fixed
  • Arthes scenario, alongside Vernalis should provide the intended reward.
  • “Enhanced Vitality” has been fixed
  • Steam achievements related to Tomb of the Ancients should be fixed
  • Fixed a few bugs linked to “confessions”
  • Allied posture (Attack/Defense/Flee) no longer locks troop positioning
  • Allied units are taken into account for the captain’s skill (Valour Point gain)
  • “Contusion” status should now impact health & carrying capacity as intended
  • “Knife Throw” will no longer be triggered when a ranger tries to capture an enemy
  • Other bugs fixed
  • We have drastically increased performance when on the worldmap
Known Issues
  • Some translations are missing for the Rouste, Pony armour and a few skills from the Arena of Berna
Thank you all for your patience following the delay of this update, it was great to see our players so understanding of the reasoning behind this and we hope that we've been able to exceed your expectations with Gosenberg after the extra time the delay afforded us.

Next up, the long awaited co-op update, following which we'll have another Community Update, alongside a new iteration of the roadmap, so keep an eye out...

Thanks for your feedback, understanding and most importantly, your support!

- Shiro Games