Together in Battle Updated Demo and New Trailer

If you'd like to sample Sinister Design's upcoming Strategy RPG Together in Battle, you can now do so thanks to Steam's Next Fest. The new demo will be available through October 10, 2022, allowing you to get a taste of the game's unique blend of tactical battles and emergent relationship building.

There's also this new trailer:

And some additional details:

Imagine Fire Emblem with random events, vibrant proc gen characters, emergent relationship-building, and tighter fights. That's Together in Battle, the SRPG roguelite coming to Steam early access next year!

As part of Steam Next Fest, I've put a meaty demo online for you to play for free. It'll only be up until next week, though, so make sure to check it out while it's online--and don't forget to wish list Together in Battle! 😉

Yours in tactics,