Zoria: Age of Shattering Updates, $14,789 and Counting

The Kickstarter campaign for Tiny Trinket Games' tactical RPG Zoria: Age of Shattering is in full swing, inching towards being halfway funded with over three weeks still to go. Since going live, the campaign has received a total of nine updates, with three of them acting as developer diaries.

Update #2 introduces us to the team. Update #5 talks about the game's approach to stats, armor, and attack types. And update #8 tells us a thing or two about the game's setting and locations.

Beyond that, there's also this RPGWatch interview with the team that covers the game's inspirations, systems and crowdfunding. Here's a couple of sample questions:

RPGWatch: Steam mentions the game will have outposts and followers. That seems very ambitious. Can you share some details on these areas of the game?

Tiny Trinket Games: Yes, this is that special influence I was talking about previously. The player will have many characters at his disposal to choose from when exploring the world or its dungeons. You can select or change your party any time you're in the Outpost, depending on the area you want to explore or the kind of gameplay you prefer. Each class has a skill tree, so you can have two characters of the same class with different builds and use them depending on the area.

The problem with this approach is that there's always a favorite team, and characters are under-leveled or under-geared. To compensate for this, we have the Missions system, where you can send some of the characters that are not in your party on missions. Depending on mission difficulty and team setup, you can return with items, recipes, and, most importantly, experience. This way all the team members will be of comparable level.

Apart from everything related to the followers and missions, the Outpost has crafting and alchemy, as well as building upgrades that will add different perks to the game.

RPGWatch: The prologue demo has been available on Steam and now GOG. Has the feedback from players been positive or negative?

Tiny Trinket Games: So far, the feedback has been positive for this demo, but it's still early, and we're always comparing it with previous public appearances.

The very first public appearance of Zoria: Age of Shattering was the Prologue back in 2020, and it's now sitting at 84% positive on Steam, and that's our best way to evaluate the game's reception.

Sure, that Prologue is old now and doesn't represent what the game is today, but it helped us get here with all the reviews and feedback we received. A lot of the feedback we received on that Prologue made the game is what it is today, so having this campaign with the new demo will undoubtedly help the development going forward.