Code of the Savage Update #40

Geoff Jones brings us a new Kickstarter update for his Ultima-inspired RPG Code of the Savage that showcases the game's new world map, a bunch of weapons, and a trippy quest where you'll be entering the "dreamscape realm." Here's the latter:

And the text bits along with the actual changelog:

Greetings backers!

SO Kickstarter finally let us center images. What a time to be alive!... Anyway on to the update...

World Map

I've updated the world map which was very off. The buildings on the map now represent accurate locations and sizes. This will also give you a good feel for the world size. Road locations are now accurate too. I also added a splash of colour.


I've added a bunch of new weapons and other items such as jewelry and shields to the game.

The "Dreamscape" Realm

Gunni, the psychedelic shaman wants you to help him brew some of his magical cactus juice. Drinking it will send you to the "dreamscape realm."

The List
  • Added weapon kryss to game (art was already done)
  • Added weapon Blood Drinker to game
  • Updated axe sprite and added to game
  • Added Paladin armour set
  • Added bear skin hat
  • Added gambeson armour tunic
  • Added support for negative bonus values for armour hover text
  • Added support for weapons to be drawn at the front of the player avatar
  • Adjusted Dark Heart armour colour
  • Added support for armour tunics that need to be drawn over leggings
  • Fixed crash when swapping items on the ground for items in an item box
  • Added extra landmass at the starting area
  • Added help in main menu
  • Fixed crash when trying to draw avatar while unarmed
  • Added sound volume sliders to main menu options
  • Added credits to the main menu
  • Fixed usable light sources not turning on at startup
  • Goblins renamed to zurlok
  • Updated map
  • Fixed Quest log and journal entries not scrolling if one side was not long enough to scroll
  • Fixed NPCs starting on wrong animation frame in cutscene
  • Added Bear Claw weapon
  • Added dialogue for several NPCs
  • Added 2H sword avatar sprite/animation
  • Added dreamscape realm (thanks to the magic cactus juice)
  • Added cave path
  • Added bone deco sprites
  • Updated 2H sword item sprite
  • Fixed water shimmer effect bleeding over onto land
  • Added support for different attack animations for different weapon types
  • Added bashing weapon attack animation
  • Added the bone fields area
  • Added road direction signs
  • Rocky outcrop sprites improved
  • Added Trident of Leysar weapon
  • Added bashing weapon attack animation
  • Added ornate axe
  • Added hunters bow
  • Added bone bow
  • Added war hammer
  • Added hammer weapon
  • Added halberd
  • Added rune hammer
  • Added rune sword
  • Added bone club
  • Added hacking weapon attack animation
  • Added claw weapons attack animation
  • Added Rune shield
  • Added wooden shield /improved sprite
  • Added silver ring
  • Added bone ring
  • Added Ring of The snake
  • Added cursed ring
  • Increased base value of most items
  • Added move amount cutscene script
  • Fixed range weapon attack