The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Anniversary Edition Creation Club Content Overview

Announced earlier this year, the Anniversary Edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will feature a heap of Creation Club content, or in other words, premium mods. And if you'd like a preview of this new content, you should check out this article on the official website that also highlights four pieces of Creation Club content that will soon become available to the owners of the game's Special Edition.

Here's a video overview:

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10 years of Skyrim is a big occasion, so we’re giving away not one, but four creations away to owners of Skyrim Special Edition, adding additional quests to uncover, gear to equip and yes, fish to catch:

Saints & Seducers

Originally released in 2019, this creation introduces an additional storyline across two quests (complete with side quests) for players to delve into. With additional armor sets, weapons, enemies and much more to discover, Saints & Seducers features some of the largest amounts of content we’ve ever packed into a single creation!

Rare Curios

Included as part of Saints & Seducers, the Rare Curios creation brings additional goods imported from all over Tamriel to Skyrim’s Khajiit Caravans. So long as you have coin, these merchants can supply you with all sorts of useful wares, including ingredients to concoct special potions, arrows and poisons!

Survival Mode

Looking to immerse yourself in Skyrim’s untamed wilderness like never before? Previously released in 2017, the Survival Mode creation has your Dragonborn contend with the very elements of Skyrim itself to survive! Players must wear warm gear and seek shelter in cold climates to keep from freezing to death, as well as mind their hunger and exhaustion on top of the usual threats like pesky bandits and ambushing dragons. Thankfully, Skyrim is rich in food to harvest (or scavenge), weather-appropriate armor and even taverns to rest your weary head. If you’re looking for a different way to experience Skyrim, we highly recommend you check Survival Mode out!


On the topic of obtaining your own food, Skyrim’s all-new Fishing mode creation lets you angle over 20 unique aquatic species across the area’s many bodies of water. Cook your catch for a meal, display it as trophy in your den or even keep it inside your own home aquarium – the choice is yours! With many of Skyrim’s fishing spots located in the region’s most breathtaking and tranquil spots, there’s nothing like unwinding on the shores as you tackle (pun intended) the questlines in this upcoming free creation.

“I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this round of creations,” says Daniel Lee, Senior Artist and Creation Club development lead at Bethesda Games Studios. “I've wanted fishing in Skyrim ever since the beginning and now it is finally here. We've worked hard on this program and it has been a true labor of love; there are more than a few surprises tucked away and I can't wait for everyone to find them."


The four above creations will be made free for all owners of Skyrim Special Edition, but what about all the other amazing creations already released for the game? That’s where The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition comes in. Available for purchase November 11, Skyrim Anniversary Edition features the complete Skyrim Special Edition PLUS all previously released Creation Club creations for the game – yes, that includes the four free creations, too!

That isn’t everything in the Anniversary Edition – players will also be able to enjoy an all-new batch of creations, including new ways to play and new quests tapping into Tamriel’s history. In ‘Ghosts of the Tribunal’ you’ll earn over a dozen new weapons and armors previously featured in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, while ‘The Cause,’ has players encounter the Mythic Dawn, who aim to form a new Oblivion gate, and features brand new enemies, locations, and weapons – not to mention a conjurable Daedric horse! This is just some of the amazing new content releasing in November to mark the 10-year anniversary.

These new creations are included in the Anniversary Edition, along with all the free creations and previously existing creations mentioned above, making it the most comprehensive edition of Skyrim to date. Already own Skyrim Special Edition? Purchase the Anniversary Upgrade and snag all those creations in one convenient package at a great value. Players may also purchase these creations individually upon release, if they so choose.

In November, we’re also adjusting all Creation Club quests, both old and new, to no longer initialize on startup. We’re aware some players found the rush of quests with a new character to be overwhelming, especially those who have many creations. Thankfully, with so much content available, it’s now easy to encounter these organically while adventuring across Skyrim, so we wanted to bring this experience in line with the rest of the game. If you do want to pursue a particular creation, instructions are included in their store descriptions.

We hope you’re as excited to dive into all this content as we are. We’re so thankful to celebrate this incredible milestone of ten years of Skyrim with you and of course, there’s more celebrating to be had. We will have details coming soon for next-gen optimizations coming to players on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, and tune into our special Skyrim 10th Anniversary Concert on November 11 at 2PM Eastern featuring the London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices.

"I can't believe it's been a decade since Skyrim was originally released,” adds Lee. “Even after spending years working on the original release and multiple iterations of it, I have yet to tire of the game. Additionally, I am constantly impressed by the numerous mods, fan art (and dad jokes) the community shares on a daily basis.” Stay tuned to the official Skyrim 10th Anniversary site for more news and information on our 10th Anniversary Fan Celebration and more – we can’t wait to see you there!