SpellForce III: Fallen God - Meet the Trolls

Fallen God, Grimlore Games’ upcoming standalone expansion for SpellForce III, will be launching on November 3, 2020. The expansion will let you play as the chieftain of a Troll tribe, and because this new faction is so different from those that came before it, we now have this Steam announcement that goes over the Troll units, and this one that introduces us to their culture and technology, while letting us know what to expect from the story campaign.

Here’s the latter:

When you think of a troll, what comes to mind? Cruel comments left underneath a YouTube video? A grumpy beast with a taste for goats and living under bridges? A dumb monster who can only communicate in grunts?

How about a reluctant leader faced with impossible choices in the fight for his tribe’s survival? Or a weary shaman whose only dream is for a home his tribe can call their own? Or even a sweet giant who hangs on his big brother’s every word?

Will the Moonkin survive? That’s down to you

SpellForce 3: Fallen God introduces you to the Moonkin, a tribe of trolls on the brink of extinction who look to Akrog, their new Chieftain, to find a way to survive on the beautiful, deadly continent of Urgath. You play as Akrog, who is joined in his mission by elder shaman Grungwar, the tribe's wisest troll, and Akrog's good friend Zazka, the tribe's grumpiest troll. Akrog's giant of a younger brother, Noag, stays close to Akrog too, ready to smash any obstacles (or enemies) that stand in their way. Help them stay one step ahead of the orcs who want to enslave them and the Tusk Hunters who want to kill them in the name of gold.

As the Chieftain of the tribe, your choices will have consequences for the trolls who follow you and for the kind of troll your little brother will grow up to be. The survival of the Moonkin trolls is in your hands, so choose wisely.

Crafty trolls with impressive skills

Trolls are too big to wield the sword of a brittlebone (a human, elf or dark elf) without looking a little awkward, so instead they break down the brittlebone weapons and armor they find, using its raw materials to craft something that better suits their massive size and strength. Like a Big Crush-Stick, or maybe a fearsome Throwing-Spike. Their simple technology is not a disadvantage at all: any resource that others have discarded might have a use for the Trolls, so they are always on the lookout for things they can salvage to craft into something useful.

The Moonkin trolls are more skilled than you might expect, too. As well as being able to choose a secondary ability tree to suit the way you want to play, each hero in the main party has their own ability tree with powerful new spells and perks that are unique to them. The combination of ability trees you choose makes a difference, unlocking a powerful spell that combines the best of both trees. Special story abilities for each hero will come in handy on your journey too, from the arcane art of reading to the simple pleasure of smashing a barrier that blocks your path. Wall go boom!

A campaign with 20+ hours of discovery

SpellForce 3: Fallen God blends the best of role-playing and real-time-strategy games to bring you right into the action during the 20+ hour campaign. This standalone expansion brings you all the features you love, plus exciting new additions. If you haven't already, be sure to Wishlist the game to be notified as soon as it is released. The trolls can't wait to meet you!