Vaporum: Lockdown Patch Adds Mac & Linux Support

Fatbot Games launched their steampunk dungeon-crawler Vaporum: Lockdown roughly a month ago. Initially, the game was only available on Windows, but thanks to the latest patch, you can now explore some steampunk dungeons even if you’re using iOS or Linux.

Beyond that, the brief patch notes also let us know that a Nintendo Switch port should be arriving in the near future. Have a look:

Hey, guys and gals!

While Patch #4 is smaller in terms of changes and fixes, it's actually a big deal -- the game is now released on Mac & Linux!

Work on the Switch port is well underway already, so that's to come in the nearest future, too.

Here are patch notes as usual:
  • Support for Mac & Linux added.
  • Tweaked the blackouts in the psychedelic part of the Hive to happen at specific points rather than triggering at random times during the whole ordeal.
  • Fixed: Continuous damage received from enemies does not scale with the difficulty level.
(You can always find the patch notes in the installation folder in PatchNotes.txt.)

Share, comment, and enjoy! :)