GreedFall - One Million Copies Sold

GreedFall, Spiders and Focus Home Interactive’s colonial-themed action-RPG, launched last year to a fairly warm critical reception. And according to a recent press release and this Twitter announcement, in less than a year, the game has managed to sell over a million copies, which is more than respectable for a small studio and a new setting.

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GreedFall celebrates one million copies sold worldwideSpiders Studio and Focus Home Interactive are happy to announce that GreedFall has sold over one million copies worldwide. Following its launch in September last year, the game stormed into players’ hearts and minds, marking itself as an RPG to be remembered. The game is also available on the PlayStation® Now subscription service.

"Our team gave a lot of themselves in this creation,” announced Jehanne Rousseau, founder and CEO of Spiders. “We are really delighted and proud to see that the universe, the characters and the experiences we have created have been able to please so many players around the world, and this success gives us even more desire to continue to make them dream and travel.”